Amazon reviewer for free product

I love Amazon and I love getting free things but I didn’t think it would actually happen to me. I tried several months ago after reading an article about getting free products from Amazon in exchange for reviews. I checked my email and there was my opportunity, I am probably being overly excited but I can’t help it. I spent hours taking nice photos to upload to Amazon (my husband took some good ones too!) but they only excepted ONE to be displayed…I have not idea why. So I am posting them here 🙂

amazon brush straightener
In the box: the brush and instructions.


amazon straightener brush


amazon straightener brush


amazon straightener brush


photo of Deb Kohl back view of hair
Result: I used two spray products and the product.


photo of Deb Kohl in pink dress smiling
I am happy with this product and don’t like my old flatiron now.

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