Help finding a counselor for my teenager

Help finding counseling services for teens

For the past few weeks, I have been on a massive hunt for teen counselors in the greater Phoenix area for my oldest daughter. Her school gave me a website 211 Arizona that I thought would be helpful, I am new to this and didn’t know where to start. After searching this site, I realized there are not many children counselors/psychiatrist available but I found two places to try. I visited one website (I don’t remember the name of the business) and the site was either down or didn’t exist. The other was Arizona Facts of Life, I liked the their website and the location so I called and gave them a quick rundown about my problem. I was giving another name and number of the person in charge of that department. This person didn’t answer and I left him a voicemail, days went by and no one got back with me. I called back the main number to let them know how I was being treated and apparently, “they don’t really deal with children!” The website says they help youths but I stopped wasting my time. I am sharing this experience because I feel it is very unprofessional and hope I can help other parents.

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