5th Generation Spanish Rice Recipe

I was going to title this “Mom’s Spanish Rice,” but to my surprise its not mom’s recipe.

Growing up I had this rice many times and I figured it was my mom’s recipe. The original recipe was from my Nana’s mother and possibly even older. I was talking with Mom recently because my oldest daughter wanted this recipe for a school project and I gladly helped her.spanish rice almost done

Trying to figure the measurements was fun, this is one of the only recipes I don’t have to measure anything. So if something is off, you know why. The recipe I am sharing it not the true original, I add more tomato sauce and garlic powder, but it isn’t far off. The recipe calls for onions which I don’t like or always have on hand (as you can see in the photos, I didn’t use onion). I used onion powder, it was still yummy but fresh onions seem to make a difference.

start of spanish rice cookingMy mom has asked me to make the rice for her a few times and she enjoys the changes I made. To this day, I have NOT found its match, even in restaurants. I always get Spanish rice to compare to this recipe and nothing. Kids like it too, even the picky ones!!!






spanish rice recipe with photo

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