The Getaway (1994) filming locations

Photos of some filming locations from the movie “The Getaway.”

The Getaway is one of my favorite movies and I was excited to find out that most of the locations they used to film are near or within a close distance to me.


These photos are at the old dog racing track, the sign has changed but it is the same location. The back of the building by the railroad tracks is in the movie as well. The other side that is not shown is under major construction, I’m glad I was able to get photos in case the track is destroyed.

At this location, in the movie, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger are trying to leave town after the robbery. The sign on the inside says “Flagstaff” but it was actually filmed in Downtown Phoenix. This building is also closed.

This is the exterior of the hotel during the final shootout, almost toward the end of the movie. It was filmed in Yuma, AZ.

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